The way we work

Experience in building MVPs or complete web and mobile apps to best serve your business goals.

User-Centered Design

Product Strategy & UX Design
Design Research & User Journeys
Prototyping & Usability Testing
UI Design & Branding

Agile Development

React for complex but flexible web apps
React Native for 2-in-1 iOS & Android apps
Node.JS for scalable backend
Data analytics instrumentation

Growth Marketing

Traction Strategy
User Acquisition
AAARRR Funnels
A/B Testing & Metrics
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The process


Sort what you have done by yourself and choose the activities you need us to cover.


Identify how far you are and let us know at which point you need us to step in.

How we can help you

For early stage:
Get an MVP

Lay down the foundation of your business by defining and producing a minimum viable product.

For later stage:
Grow the business

We augment your team to address urgent needs and bring a holistic approach to scale the business.

For figuring out:
Consult with us

For inspiration, creative and innovative input, pick our brains. We’ve been there and done that.

For modernizing:
Power up tech

If you have specific engineering problems we come in with React and Node.JS expertise.
Designers & Scrum Master & Developers & Marketers
End-to-end support from validation and prototyping through UX and coding all the way to growth hacking.
Seasoned entrepreneurs: Designers & Developers & Marketers
Integrated consulting to feed you with ideas, best practices, and also to share our experience.
Designers & Scrum Master & Developers
We take over assembly at any stage and push it to the next level. We do the product, you bring the users.
Developers & Scrum Master
We bring hardcore project management know-how to table, delivering the features you need on-time and on-budget.
Marketers & Designers
A brand positions and makes you seen. We discover and realize a strategy that turns your product into a lovebrand.
Marketers & Designers
If you need raised awareness or boosted user acquisition you have our creative energies at your disposal.
Designers, Product owners, Developers, Marketers
End-to-end support from validation and prototyping through UX and coding all the way to growth hacking.


Some say we are a cult because we operate differently. We just realize actual ownership and founder’s feel for all.

User-centered discovery

The product will only drive your business if real market needs are met by the right set of features. Design thinking and validation make sure that your product, business and marketing strategies are in line and clarify what outcomes can be expected.

Data driven and iterative delivery

If you are not ashamed of the first release, you already wasted resources on unproven work. Lean development and agile programming have the value of features confirmed by users. Build, measure, learn, release, test, iterate, rinse and repeat.

Tech ideal for starting and scaling

We are experts of React, React Native and Node.JS, a stack ideal for both rapid prototyping and quickly adapting to growing business needs. These JavaScript technologies allow fast scalability and work great in high load production environment.

Allies for the long run.

Welcome on each other’s boards. Partnerships are mutually adding value when built on trust, transparency and honesty. We are motivated by your success, so when your product proves itself we help you build your in-house team and manage the transition.
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