The way we work

End-to-end reaction and iteration of design, development and marketing.
We help you build MVPs or complete web and mobile apps,
focusing on how they’ll boost your business and kick in your growth.

Products are powered by React, React Native and Node.JS, a stack ideal for both rapid prototyping and quickly adapting to growing business needs, as these JavaScript technologies allow fast scalability and work great in high load production environment.

Take a look at our process map to see

What we can help you.

Sort out the activities you have done by yourself and choose expertise you need us to cover.

When we can help you.

Identify how long you are down the path and let us know at which point you need us to step in.


How we can
help you

Start you up, get an MVP

Put our heads together to lay down the foundation of your business and the core of your product by defining and deploying a minimum loveable product.

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Team up, grow your business

Let us complement your team at a specific step to be the answer to your urgent needs. We bring a holistic approach to scale your product and user base.

anywhere by step 0 - step N

Figure out, consult with us

Should you need inspiration, creative and innovative input or just a fresh eye to take a look at what you do, pick our brains. We’ve been there and done that.

Power up, modernize tech

If you have specific engineering problems or need to level up your organization we come in with React and Node.JS expertise tailored for your needs.

Drop us a line to help you figure out what you need

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With which actions

Agile Development

React for responsive web apps
React Native for iOS & Android apps
Node.JS for backend
Data analytics instrumentation

Design Thinking

User Journey
Prototyping & Validation
UX & Usability Testing
UI Design & Branding

Data Driven Marketing

Traction Strategy
User Growth
AAARRR Funnels
A/B Testing & Metrics

Growth comes from the power within your product,we combine the
above activities and skills to best serve the success of your business.

Who can help you,
team types

Let’s put together a task force tailored for your exact needs and form a joint team.
Here are some examples for possible compositions:

  • End-to-End Team
  • Ideation Team
  • Builder Team
  • Development Team
  • Branding Team
  • Marketing Team

End-to-End team

Product owners & Developers & Designers & Marketers & Data analysts

End-to-end support from validation and prototyping through UX and coding all the way to growth hacking.

Or any mix you and we find fitting at a given point of our collaboration.


You and we step in the same boat trusting that each party knows its job.
We’re excited about learning your part, here is how we do our part.

User-centric discovery for seeing the big picture

Even the best coded app is half a success without traction, if at all. The product will only drive your business, if real market needs meet the right set of features. Through design thinking and validation methods we make sure that your product, business and marketing strategies are in line and clarify what outcomes can be expected.

Data driven, iterative and agile delivery for avoiding waste

If you are not ashamed of the first release of your product, then you already released too late. Lean development and agile programming methods have features confirmed by users to avoid time and money going down the drain. Build, measure, learn, release, test, iterate, rinse and repeat, so your product becomes the source of your growth.

Tech that’s ideal for both starting out and scaling up

We put our chips on a JavaScript stack for delivering modern products with great potential. Base it on Node.JS, for its versatility and scalable backend capabilities. Run it on React, for its maintainable and testable, enterprise grade frontend code. Mobilize it with React Native, a faster and cheaper way of delivering both iOS and Android apps.

Allies for the long run

Welcome on each other’s boards. Business partnerships are mutually adding value when built on trust, transparency and honesty. We’ll We are motivated by your success, so in case your product has proven itself we help you build your in-house team and manage the transition.

Drop us a line to help you figure out what you need

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