Erik Wyatt
September 13, 2017

Truckin - Trusted Platform for the Freight Industry

In Truckin’s job search engine, drivers can browse and apply for jobs while trucking companies can list jobs and review applications.


Building a demo/alpha version to be able to bring a beta product to the market in time.

Success of client

Truckin launched the alpha version and held successful demos to its investors, finally delivering the beta product shortly after.


We pushed out a 2-sided marketplace for jobs in record time. We collaborated with Truckin’s own developer team and our friend company Digital Natives, in a team of 9 to meet the tight deadline.

What we learned

We realized that with shallow rendering you can introduce fast behavior testing to part of your project without restructuring the whole codebase, and we kept this same approach on other projects.


Dobos Béla - CEO
"Chain.Reaction and Digital Natives formed an absolute competent team in order to help us roll out a prototype as soon as possible. They made sure that the code they write is scalable and remains easily apprehendable after handing it over."

Tech Details

Platform: Web

Frontend: React

Backend: Provided by Truckin

Database: Provided by Truckin

Integrations (3rd party apps): Google Maps, Facebook, Google, Linkedin Social Auth

Testing: Automated and Manual

Time: September 2016