Dénes Pál
August 22, 2017
#mobile #ux #ui

RTL Klub - Mobile first video landing page

RTL Klub, the most watched commercial TV channel in Hungary, has a wide selection of newslike, political and documentary formats. These informative shows had an online outlet where viewers can rewatch already aired shows and read related articles.


RTL needed a fresh look and improved user experience of their newslike sites

  • Facebook as visitor source - get them to the landing page instead of the homepage, make them stay
  • Mobile first
  • Different platform, different distribution logic

Success of client

This new solution drives more traffic to the videos, and more adviews to the banners.


Product, Design and Development closely working together, we build a fresh frontend that RTL could easily integrate with their existing content management system.

Started out with 1 product designer, 1 graphic designer and 1 frontend developer, later it was taken over by 2 developers for the finishing touches

What we learned

  • Design and development worked closely together to finetune the result
  • As the result was handed over to another development team for integration, we focused even more on building up a frontend codebase that is easy to understand, modular and sustainable
"It was a refreshing experience how Chain.Reaction came and reformed our News Department's digital presence. They always kept our main business goal in mind: to increase the video views. Their perspective was a big help to let some editorial traditions and overcomplicated structures go, in order to have the sharp focus on our users behaviour and the core business."

-- Daniel Kübler - Digital Product Manager

Project Details:

Platform: Web

Frontend: Foundation

Integrations (3rd party apps): Video.js player framework

Time: Sept 2016 - March 2017