Daniel Nagy
June 6, 2017
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Konetik - Efficient fleet usage with smart decisions

Germany based Konetik is an early-stage startup developing a smart fleet management solution for companies. A small hardware plugged in the car, combined with a mobile app and web dashboard.


At the time Konetik had a proof of concept for their connected car solution. What they were not sure of is which target market to choose and the go to market strategy.

Success of client

After steering the product into the B2B field, Konetik got its first pilot clients with great success and further develop the product in this direction. They opened up an office in Berlin, Germany and was selected by ODINE to get support and 100k EUR financing to help revolutionising data-driven mobility management for companies.


Chain.Reaction came on board with its marketing expertise this time. There were two possible go to market strategies: sell the solution as a small-fleet management system for business customers or sell it as a family car management solution to consumers. We started a validation experiment before investing resources in further developing the product. It turned out that selling Konetik as a B2C solution would yearn a negative ROI, while on the B2B market it can be marketed with a positive ROI. Therefore the initial product is tailored for small fleet owners’ needs and marketed as such.

What we learned

Throughout this project we experienced once again how important it is to only launch a great product if there is a potential market for it out there. Even the best developed product is only half a success without customers.

CEO @ Konetik
Balázs Szabó
CEO @ Konetik
“Thank you for the hard and especially successful work that you put in Konetik becoming what it is today.”

Project Details

Method: Value proposition and marketing channel testing

Platform: Facebook and AdWords display ads

Assets: Landing pages with 2 value proposition variations

KPIs: CTR, CPC, e-mail signups

Time: Early 2015