Erik Wyatt
June 6, 2017
#react - The Sexiest Demo Ever Demoed

Imagination specializes in machine vision. They develop their own product line, Magic Lens, and work for clients.


With only one month left in their project, Imagination needed a few extra hands on deck.


‍Adrian Ion
Project Manager at
“The end-result rocked! All components ran very well.”


We integrated all the pieces built by different teams at Imagination. We finished ahead of schedule, a big blessing for overall project.

What we learned

We learned the value of excellent project management by successfully navigating a tight deadline and a tense atmosphere.

‍Simone Taliercio
Senior Engineer at

“The workflow, with the project divided into iterations, was useful and professional. I got daily emails summarizing the standup which made it super easy to follow the progress. The way to split up the work and schedule it out was pretty effective. And of course, the most important--everything was on time.”

Tech Details

Platform: Android

Frontend: Provided by Imagination

Backend: Express, Docker, EC2

Database: MongoDB

Integrations (3rd party apps): None

Testing: Automated

Time: October 2016