Erik Wyatt
May 23, 2017

Cruncher - Sipping From the Digital Firehose

Cruncher is a two-year old Hungarian firm with roughly 10 employees, which wished to remain anonymous.


Cruncher’s customers were drowning in data, and Cruncher wanted to demo them a new product line to solve their data woes. Cruncher didn’t have the frontend expertise to build a sexy demo in time.

Success of Client

“We learned the best practices and saved a lot of engineering hours (thus cost) by being bootstrapped into frontend development.”

-- Panda - Senior Backend Developer at Cruncher


Chain.Reaction’s frontend heroes came to rescue! After a close collaboration, Cruncher is self-sufficient for front-end development.

What we learned

This project was a bit special because Cruncher wanted to learn React by working together. The project mixed consulting and development. A senior backend developer from Cruncher, thought our standard coding practices were worth emulating. We learned that our high standards for development are worth something.

“The folks at Chain.Reaction are very experienced technically. They said when they didn’t know something and it took just a few days to build trust. I was very happy to work with them.”

-- Panda - Senior Backend Developer at Cruncher

Tech details

Platform: Web

Frontend: React

Backend: Flask (provided by Cruncher)

Database: MySql (provided by Cruncher)

Integrations (3rd party apps): None

Testing: Automated

Time: November 2017