Erik Wyatt
April 25, 2017

Brandzooka - Democratizing programmatic video advertising

USA-based Brandzooka is the most powerful way to advertise with video online. They make it possible for anyone, to run highly targeted video ad campaigns across the biggest sites online.


With a great business idea on hand Brandzooka looked for a team to build it in the form of a SaaS product.

Success of client

Brandzooka started out from a Boulder, USA startup accelerator with great business minded founders, but without a product development team. Chain.Reaction stepped in to build the prototype and developed the product for the following year.Brandzooka shortly shown traction. In less than a year they teamed up with the major players in the space, giving SME clients access to premium video inventory. Early 2016 they closed a funding round of $1.5 million. They have Apple, Audi and The White House among their numerous clients.


First we developed a Prototype so Brandzooka can test the concept. After a successful demo and proof of concept the team got a green light to first build an MVP. As traction gathered a more robust system was built upon the MVP. We keep to agile principles, release and validate each newly built feature, iterate if needed.

What we learned

This is the first project we did with React from the very beginning. As the codebase of the MVP grew along with Brandzooka and turned into a large product, we experienced first hand the lightning development speed of React.JS

‍Aquiles La Grave - CEO

“Our equity partners and investors have always remarked how we were able to scale from concept to the world’s fastest growing self serve programmatic video platform seemingly out of nowhere. Chain.Reaction made it possible and its initial codebase is still scaling today.”

Tech Details

Platform: Web

Frontend: React

Backend: AWS Lambda

Database: Firebase

Integrations (3rd party apps): The Tradedesk, Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Segment, most of AWS

Testing: Automated

Time: June 2015 - August 2016