Ádám Gólya
July 31, 2017

Advice Coach - An App That Turns Advice Into Action

New York based Advice Coach transforms your book, keynote, course, or training into an app. It helps authors, speakers, publishers, coaches and trainers to do more than just inform, but connect and interact with their followers.


Advice Coach needed a React Native application with a unique navigation. As they were an early stage startup we had to be prepared to be agile thanks to the frequently changing features.

Success of client

Advice Coach launched their app and they have a growing community.

What we learned

We learned the value of transparency by sharing every information with the client every day.

User reviews

“As a clinical psychologist, I am always on the look-out for interventions that augment treatment, and provide additional support to the person committed to working daily for transformational change. AdviceCoach is a natural and brilliant additional tool to recommend! Thanks AdviceCoach!” by pennyguinea
“Big part of my business is sharing productivity solutions with clients. Advice Coach is the go-to app for personal and professional growth.” by MEL_BAR_MAR
“As someone like me, who buys a lot of advice books, but having trouble applying them (or don't remember 'how' after a while), this app is a SAVER!!! Now I don't need to rely on google docs or Evernote to store the notes I took while reading the book, and hope the future me would pick it up from time to time and keep practicing on them (well, I sometimes just couldn't find the document among all those other files after a while). The notes directly shipped from the author him/herself are so spot on. And the notification feature really keeps me on track of what I suppose to do. And being able to customize each book app is FANCY! I feel so much better and in control of my life!” by sarahx_nyc

Tech Details

Platform: iOS

Frontend: React Native

Backend: Provided by the client

Time: January-March 2017