The way we did

Virgo is one of the most successful Hungarian software development companies, with more than fifty people. They launched iWiW, the local social network and worked onhundreds of projects. We partnered with them and mainly work and consult on projects requiring Node.JS.
Kifly is a travel app that guides you through the maze of airports and connect you to the people you care about by combining flight information and your social media accounts. We co-operated with them in developing their iOS application.
US-based Brandzooka enables local small businesses to place a video advertisements across the entire internet and target their local audience on websites like The New York Times and Pandora. We developed their MVP to prove the concept and build their product in React and Node.JS ever since.
Emarsys’ eMarketing Suite is an excellent cloud marketing platform. It offers an integrated, complete and actionable solution to maximize customer engagement and revenue. We work with them onbuilding products in Node.JS and consult on digital marketing efforts. is an innovative, startup-minded company with more than 70 employees providingdigital transformation solutions. Large Hungarian enterprises such as Telekom, OTP Bank, ERSTE Bank depend on for multi-platform content management systems and behavior-drivensolutions that maximize online sales potential. works with them on market validation andtesting as well as consulting on digital marketing strategy.
Belgium-based HappyBridge is a fun an easy way to share beautiful moments and stories with your (grand)parents and other relatives who struggle to access the ever growing digital world. Together with Digital Natives we developed their iOS application that is available in the AppStore.
Konetik is an early-stage startup developing a data based fleet management system for SMEs. A small hardware plugged in the car, combined with a mobile app and web dashboard. We worked with them on market validation and testing, and consult on digital marketing.