The way we are

We started our company as an experiment and grow it ever since, validating each step of the way... just as we do with products. Chain.Reaction is employee-owned, governed with holacracy, is fully transparent and reinvests in colleagues and ideas.

Together we stand

Chain.Reaction is part of Lab.Coop, a venture builder focusing on high tech services and products. This digital product lab is the first in line and the branch that allows us to be makers of the newest digital products. So far two other ventures have been introduced: Green Fox Academy, a coding school for junior software developers, and, a brand new IoT and hardware accelerator.

The team

Coders with business skills, designers and marketers with coding skills, businessmen with data skills, etc. No job titles, but governance roles for all, and company shares in every pocket.

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Denes Pal
#techlead #node.js #react

Denes is a fast and furious Node.JS and React developer and a seasoned entrepreneur. He codes for 10+ years and excels in scaling complex JS systems. He built ventures and lead dev teams as a founder of Sopreso.

Adam Gyulavari
#teaching #react #reactnative #node.js

Aze codes for 14 years now and is also a professional IT educator, holding degrees from BME. Besides having extensive Android and React experience he also teaches the future generations of developers in a high school and in Green Fox Academy.

Erik Wyatt
#techlead #node.js #react

Erik has an analytical mind. He makes great use of it as a full-stack web developer. He gained several years of Python and Node.JS experience while improving recommendation and search at Prezi. His latest passion is coding React.

Mark Jesztrebszki, Jeszi
#dev #react #reactnative #node.js

Mark’s becoming an expert on web technologies. The first steps are Node.JS, React and React Native with more to come. He develops games on the side and graduated at the Budapest University of Technology & Economics.

Meet the rest (14) of us

The Cult

Some say we are a cult because we operate differently.
We just realize actual ownership and founder’s feel for all.

Employee owned corporation

In order to close the motivation gap between owners and employees and to attract bright talent everyone who joins the company becomes an owner and gets real stock transferred to their shareholding account. We share the risk so we share the gain too.

Distributed authority: holacracy

There are no rounds or layers of decision making. Holacracy provides an operating system-like set of rules for management experimentation and self-management. By iterating on our governance, we consciously improve the way we work together.

Radical transparency

We keep salaries, financial data, contracts, expectations and the “why?” behind every decision open to all of us. Transparency is key in how we work and how we keep information flowing. Self-management only work if people have easy access to all relevant information.

Stay on Top: Reinvest

To be on top of the game is key for us. That is why we reinvest into ourselves: up to 20% of our time and a 2000 EUR/person/year budget is dedicated to learning and training. This is how we make sure that we can all grow.

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